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Taunton, Massachusetts

A selection of old picture postcards of the other Taunton, the city of Taunton in Massachusetts, USA. More of Taunton, MA.


Herring run Taunton

An old multiview postcard of the Herring Run, Taunton, Massachusetts. 

Taunton MA

Another postcard of the Herring Run, East Taunton, Massachusetts, USA. Postmarked 1911.

Garage taunton America

Carlow's Car Dealership and Garage, Taunton, Massachusetts, on an old picture postcard posted in 1910.

Library taunton

An old picture postcard of the Public Library, Taunton, Massachusetts, USA. Date unknown.

Church Taunton Mass USA

St. Mary's Church, Taunton, MA, USA. Postcard dated 1913.

County Fair

Bristol County Fair Grounds, Taunton, Massachusetts. 1909.

Souther tally Ho Plow

Another Taunton postcard. Captioned 'A Southern Tally Ho'

Taunton United States

Weir Village, Taunton, Mass, USA, 1908.

St Thomas Church taunton MA

An old picture postcard of St. Thomas's Church, Taunton, Massachusetts, USA, in the 1940s.

Christmas postcard

Christmas lights on the Green, Taunton, Mass, USA, 1949.

More old picture postcards and historic photographs of Taunton, Mass, USA.


Full index of old picture postcards and historic photographs of Taunton, Somerset, England.

Contemporary photographs taken on my wanders around Taunton in Somerset, UK.

Taunton Massachusetts

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