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Taunton Somerset

A lithographic print of St. Mary's Church and the parade area of Taunton town centre in the 1950s.

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This website is based around my private collection of old photographs and picture postcards of the town of Taunton, Somerset, in the west of England. Click on the arrows to see the next or previous image in the online slideshow. The majority of the historic images in this collection date from between 1898 and the end of World War II. With a few images from the 1950s. New scans of historic pictures of Taunton are added on a fairly regular basis. Do contact me if you have a question on the city of Taunton or share my interest in the history of this part of Somerset. The site also includes a section with up-to-date contemporary photographs taken on my wanders around Taunton.

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Old pictures of Taunton in Somerset

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