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An index of images in our current, and ever expanding, collection of historic images and old postcards of Taunton past.


1 | Cars parked outside the Castle Hotel in Taunton in around 1925.

1a | A 1906 view of the Castle.

1b | Vivary Park gates on an old ''Dainty' picture postcard.

1c | A 1905 postcard of Vivary Park, printed in Dresden, Germany and postmarked Weston-Super-Mare.

2 | Feeding the swans in Vivary Park on an old postcard dating back to around 1907. 

2a | The Army Barracks on the edge of Vivary Park in 1907.

2b | The war monument in Vivary Park during the 1950s.

3 | East Street and the County Hotel in Taunton, Somerset.

3a | The same part of the center of town in the 1950s.

4 | The bandstand in Vivary Park in Taunton in the early 1900s.

4a | The Technical Institute and New Market in Corporation Street in 1903.

4b | Corporation Street and Fore Street, c.1910.

5 | The automobile club and visiting French motorists gathered outside Claridge's London Hotel in the early 1910s.

6 | The bridge over the River Tone in Taunton in the early 1910s.

7 | The front of Shire Hall in Taunton in around 1905.

8 | Fore Street and the Burmese Monument, Taunton in the early 1900s.

8a | The same area of Taunton in 1904.

8b | Another postcard view of the same Taunton street, but in the 1950s.

9 | The County Hotel in the 1930s.

9a | The front of the same hotel in the 1950s.

10 | The Taunton Castle gateway on a postcard posted in 1910

11 | Vivary Park, bandstand, and the Barracks around 1905

12 | North Street, Taunton, in the mid 1910s.

13 | Cricket being played at Taunton School in the 1930s.

13a | A close up photograph of the front of Taunton School in 1925.

13b | The Headmaster's House and Master's Boarding House, Taunton School, 1906.

14 | The roundabout in the centre of Taunton in the 1930s.

14a | A different postcard view of the same central roundabout.

15 | The same Taunton roundabout seen from a different angle in the 1930s.

16 | A multiview picture postcard of Taunton, posted in the 1920s.

17 | A postcard view of French Weir in the very early 1900s.

17aThe bridge across the River Tone, French Weir, Taunton, in the 1950s.

18 | The Burmese Monument, Fore street, Taunton, in the 1900s.

18a | Another picture postcard view of a street car next to the Burmese monument.

19 | A car on Castle Bow, Taunton, in the 1930s. Boots the Chemist in the background.

20 | Another postcard of the Bridge over the Tone, Taunton, in the 1910s.

21 | An aerial photograph of Taunton railway station in the 1920s

21a | The front of Taunton railway Station, sometime in the 1930s.

22 | Elm Grove, Taunton, Somerset, 1909.

23 | An animated North Street, Taunton, Somerset, in the 1950s.

24 | High Street, Taunton, Somerset, in 1903.

24a | The High Street on another old postcard postmarked 1903.

24b | Another part of the High Street, this time in the 1950s.

25 | St James Street Church, Taunton, Somerset, in the early 1910s.

25a | The Somerset County Cricket Ground on a postcard posted in 1911.

26 | East Street, Taunton, Somerset, 1904

27 | Castle Bow, Taunton, Somerset, in the 1950s.

28 | The Castle Hotel and North Street, Taunton, Somerset, 1901

28a | North Street in the early 1950s.

29 | An old picture postcard of Fore Street, Taunton, Somerset, 1904

30 | St George's Catholic Church, Taunton, Somerset, in the 1930s.


31 | A picture postcard of Fore Street, Taunton, Somerset, 1911.

32 | The Crown and Sceptre Hotel, Station Road, Taunton, Somerset, 1909

32a | A picture postcard of Station Road sometime in the 1910s.

33 | St Mary's Church, Hammet Street, Taunton, Somerset, 1909

33a | An aerial view of St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton.

33b | A picture postcard of the interior of St. Mary's Church, Taunton.

34 | The Jury and Witness Room of  the Castle in Taunton, Somerset, 1929

35 | The Royal Mail Stores, Station Road, Taunton, Somerset, 1919

36 | Taunton and West Somerset Tram, somewhere in Taunton, Somerset, 1909

37 | Election Declaration for West Somerset election, Shire Hall, Taunton, Somerset, in the early 1900s.

37a | The Shire Hall seen on an earlier picture postcard.

38 | Taunton Hospital and East Reach, Taunton, Somerset, in the early 1910s.

39 | Free Church School, Taunton, Somerset, on a picture postcard postmarked 1906.

40 | An old picture postcard of the Parade, Taunton, Somerset. Date unknown.

41 | The Castle, Taunton, Somerset, on a picture postcard, postmarked 1933.

42 | A 2-6-2 standard tank steam engine at Taunton Railway Station, Somerset. Date, 13.6.1964.

42A | A 2-6-0 steam train from Barnstaple approaching Taunton, 1962.

43 | An old picture postcard of St Mary's Church, Taunton, Somerset.

44 | The Great Hall, Taunton, Somerset. The picture postcard inscription reads, "Here Judge Jeffreys held his Bloody Assize"

45 | Tauntonians on the Bridge, Taunton, Somerset. Postcard postmarked 1907.

46 | Halliday's Antiques, Fore Street, Taunton, on a picture postcard posted in 1937.

47 | St John's Church, Taunton, on a picture postcard dating back to 1907.

47a | The interior of St. Johns Church, Taunton, c.1910.

48 | A tram, the Burmese Monument, Parade, and Fore Street, in Taunton, Somerset.

49 | Fore Street, Taunton, Somerset.

50 | Another picture postcard of Fore Street, Taunton, Somerset.


51 | Priory Weir, Taunton, Somerset on a picture postcard postmarked 1904.

52 | A picture postcard from 1908 of the Municipal Buildings in Taunton.

52a | The Municipal Buildings and an old truck on an old postcard posted in 1923.

53 | The Parade in Taunton in the very early years of the twentieth century.

53a | Another postcard view of North Street and the Parade area.

54 | An old picture postcard of the River Tone in Taunton. Date unknown.

54a | A First World War era postcard of a cannon and tracked vehicle in East Reach.

55 | A tram in East Street in Taunton, Somerset. Postmarked 1911.

55a | Another view of East Street. This time on a photochrome postcard, looking down on the street.

56 | The bandstand and barracks in Taunton, Somerset. Postmarked 1910.

57 | An old picture postcard of Fore Street in Taunton, Somerset. Dated 1907.

58 | A picture postcard view of East Reach Hill in Taunton, Somerset. Postmarked 1910.

59 | An open-air street market on the Parade in Taunton, Somerset, at the very beginning of the twentieth century..

60 | North Street and Vivary Park on a postcard posted in 1909.

60a | An tram in North Street on a 1910 old postcard.

61 | An old postcard of Bathpool Mill, Taunton, Somerset.

62 | An ivy covered Taunton Castle on an old picture postcard from 1910.

62a | An old postcard from 1908 of Rough Moor, Taunton.

63 | Sheep grazing on the grass of Vivary Park, Taunton, in 1907.

64 | An unusual view of the River Tone, Taunton, in 1904.

65 | A vintage photographic postcard of the Burmese Monument and Fore Street.

66 | Motors cars, horse and carts, hand carts, tram lines, people, the main Post Office and North Street.

66a | An equally animated postcard view of North Street, but, from the late 1950s

67 | An old postcard of Bishops Hull Mill.

68 | Market Day on the Parade, Taunton, Somerset, 1904.

69 | A 'Stengel' postcard of the Library in Corporation Street.

69a | Another view of the Free Library, Taunton, Somerset, 1906.

70 | An original photograph of a double decker tram, Taunton, Somerset, c. 1904.

71 | A German-made 'hold to light' picture postcard of the Shire Hall, Taunton, Somerset. Postmarked 1902.

72 | Dellers, the Bridge, Taunton, Somerset, on an old picture postcard. c.1922.

72a | An animated Bridge Street around 1900.

73 | The Bridge, Taunton, Somerset

73a | The Lyceum Theatre Cinema and another part of Bridge Street. A busy street scene.

74 | Children playing by the fountain in the Park, Taunton, Somerset, on an old picture postcard. postmarked 1902.

75 | Another picture postcard view of children playing in the Park, Taunton, Somerset.

76 | The County Buildings, Taunton, Somerset.

77 | Roman Road, Taunton, Somerset on an old picture postcard postmarked 1913.

78 | Wilton Church, Taunton, Somerset, on an old picture postcard.

79 | Vintage car in Fore Street, Taunton, Somerset.

80 | North Street, Taunton, Somerset, on a picture postcard postmarked 1905.

80a | Fore Street and Market Square, Taunton, c.1920.

81 | Taunton Castle and Crest for the Borough of Taunton.

82 | 'The Old Castle', now the Castle Hotel, Taunton, Somerset, on a picture postcard postmarked 1902.

83 | The High Sheriff's Trumpeters outside the Castle Hotel, Taunton, Somerset, in 1933.

84 | An original lithographic print of the Market Place in North Street, Taunton.

85 | A similar very view of the Parade area of Taunton, but in the 1950s.

86 | St. Andrew's Church, Taunton, in the 1930s.

87 | Trinity Church, Taunton, on a postcard, postmarked in 1928.

88 | The old Almshouses, East Street, Taunton, in around 1900.

89 | The bridge over the river in Bathpool, just outside Taunton.

90 | King's College on an old picture postcard.

91 | Queen's College on a picture postcard dated 1901.

92 | An aerial view of central Taunton from the late 1950s.

93 | A very old Taunton picture postcard posted in 1901.

94 | A boat on the River Tone. Taunton town in the background.

95 | People and a horse-drawn cart on Fore Street, Taunton, 1936. Devon and Somerset Stores, etc.

96 | The interior of the banqueting hall of the 'Tudor House' at 15, Fore Street, Taunton, 1935.

97 | A Castle class 4-6-0 steam train at Taunton railway station.

98 | A multi-view postcard of Taunton from the 1950s.

99 | St. Mary's Church and the parade area of Taunton in the 1950s.

100 | A three-wheeler Phoenix automobile pictured in Taunton in 1903.

101 | An early photographic view of the River Tone with Taunton in the background.

102 | A very early photograph of an 'old Tauntonian' and his bicycle.

103 | Soldiers of the Somerset Light Infantry at Jellalabad Barracks in 1918.

104 | Two 19th Century 'Cabinet' photographs of unidentified Tauntonians.

105 | Taunton town centre from the air!

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We also have selection of old postcards from the other Taunton, in Massachusetts, USA.

Old picture postcards of Taunton, the County town of Somerset.

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